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Looking for a loan ? Getting loans can be a complex and stressful experience in New Zealand. At Loan nz we have put together this site to make it easy for you to get loans with some of the best rates and fees.

Have a look though loan nz and see how we can help you get a loan in New Zealand. All the loan information is free and independent. We update our site with new and relevant information that will help you in getting loans in New Zealand. 

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Free help and guide in getting a personal loan in New Zealand

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Free help and guides in getting home loan in New Zealand.

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Free help and guides in getting a business loan in New Zealand

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Personal loans

Need personal loans ? want to know where and how to get low interest personal loans in nz ? Loan nz has sourced out some of the best personal loan companies with some of the best rates. Check out Personal loans in nz

Personal loan rates

Want to know the latest personal loan interest rates before deciding to get a personal loan in nz ? Loan nz has sourced out latest personal loan rates from leading loan companies and banks. Check out Personal bank loans and Personal loans from finance companies.

Payday Advance

Looking to get some cash before your next pay ? Need money fast ? Payday loans could be your answer. Find out where and how to get payday loans with some of the best rates and fees. Check out Payday Advance

Text Loans NZ

Looking to get easy access to personal loans when you need it ? Text loans could be the solution, its easy and very fast, you can get your loans within few minutes.To get loans through text you firstly have to sign up with the company providing the loan and once this is done, they will give you unique ID and password. This will allow you to get instant loans through text. Find how and where to get text loans in New Zealand

Bad Credit Loans

Need a loan but have bad credit ? we can help you get loans even if you have bad credit. Loan nz has sourced out information, advice and bad credit lenders in nz. Check out Bad credit loans

Finance Companies nz

Avoid paying high interest and fees, compare personal interest rates from leading finance companies. Save money and time. Check out Finance companies rates and Personal bank loan rates

Credit cards nz

Find out some of the most important things that you need to know before getting a credit card. Loan nz offers free and independent advice and tips on credit cards. Check out credit cards nz for all your credit card needs. Lon Nz will save you time and money

Home loans nz 

Owning a home is every person’s dream. But problem arises when the person does not earn a hefty amount to save up money for house purchase. This is when home finance comes into picture to make an individual’s dream come true.  Home finance is a financial body that provides loan to people to renovate or purchase home. Check out more about getting a home loan in New Zealand

Looking to check your credit in New Zealand? Not sure how and where to check it? Then we can help. Check all the information you need to check your credit in NZ today. Its simple and fast. More information here >>

for more information on getting loans in New Zealand check out, they have latest information, tips and lenders that offer all different types of loans in NZ. Visit NZ Loans today