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Personal Bank Loans in nz

Getting personal loans from banks is one of the safest options and usually their loan rates are lower than finance companies rates. Banks can offer you unsecured loans or secured loans with low or no fees. Loan nz has sourced out some of the best banks who offer personal loans at low interest rates. Check out some of the best banks with some of the best personal loan rates.

Personal bank loan rates

Loan nz has sourced out some of the best banks offering personal loans at low interest rates in nz. Before you get any loans make sure you check out interest rates as this can save you lot of money when paying it back. We have sourced out banks with some of the best unsecured and secured personal loans rates. this will help you in deciding where to get personal bank loans at best rates.

personal bank loan rates nz

Personal Bank Loans Rates

ANZDebt ConsolidationUnsecured

Personal LoanUnsecured$3,00018.75

Personal LoanUnsecured$10,000 16.95


ASBPersonal LoanSecured

Personal LoanUnsecured

Debt ConsolidationUnsecured


BankDirectDebt ConsolidationUnsecured

Personal LoanSecured

Personal LoanUnsecured


KiwibankPersonal LoanUnsecuredfrom14.99


National BankPersonal LoanUnsecured$3,00017.95

Personal LoanUnsecured$10,000 16.95


The Co-operative BankPersonal LoanSecuredfrom10.50*

Personal LoanUnsecuredfrom16.50


Note : These rates are subjected to change at anytime so this rates should only be used as a guide. When getting loans consult with the banks and get the current loan rates before getting a loan

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