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Looking to buy a boat in New Zealand ? Want to know how and where to get marine finance in nz ? At loan nz we have sourced out dome of the best information that will help you when getting a boat loan. Here are some things that you should look out for, whether you already own a boat or if you’re looking to buy one. Exploring the wonders of the sea with your own boat will be an exciting experience

Marine Finance

A boat loan is the financing of a boat purchase through a loan whether its secured or unsecured loans. Choosing the right financing source can be as important as choosing the right boat. Before applying for a boat loan a borrower must ensure that they have a clean credit history, lenders will not assist or approve boat loans to any borrower who disregard their financial responsibilities. Boat loans are as sensitive as any other type of loan, which means the responsibility to do repayments must be done on time.

Boat loans can be repaid at a fixed rate as well as a variable rate. If a borrower chooses to repay at a fixed rate it means that there is a fixed sum of money that needs to be paid every month. If the borrower chooses the variable rate or adjustable rate, the interest rate fluctuates with market interest rate.

Borrowers are allowed to choose the interest rate option that will best suit their budget. Most lenders will not fully finance a boat purchase so the borrowers will need to have some capital before applying for a boat loan in New Zealand. Always take into consideration the costs involved with the fees associated with the boat loan that may turn out to be costly

Where to get boat loans in NZ ?

There are numerous financial institutions and other lenders that offer boat loans and boat refinancing in New Zealand. And just like applying for a loan online, financial institutions and lenders that offer boat loans have websites for those borrowers who wish to apply online. Listed below are three

Boat loans with Toyota Marine Finance: Besides helping them get into a vehicle, Toyota Financial Services helps New Zealanders get on to the water as well. Website:


No high pressure sales tactics, no hidden costs and no horrendous interest rates. NZLoan is the best for quick, easy, low interest car or marine finance. website :

It’s easy, it’s simple and it’s fast. Boat loans or refinance you existing loan at the touch of a button. Getting your boat loan from Financepoint can save you time, money and hassle. website :


They offer marine finance to kiwis with very competitive rates and fees. It is flexible with competitive rates and fast finance approval. The loan and the repayment is scheduled on the weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on your needs. check out more on MaraceFinance here