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Credit cards nz

Credit cards nz

Free Independent guide to credit cards in nz. Best cards for kiwis, how to choose a credit card, types of credit cards. Its best do do your research and find out as much as possible when getting credit cards. That's were we come in we have done independent research and found some of the best tips and advice that will guide you in getting credit cards in New Zealand.

Types of credit cards

There are a lot of options available to New Zealanders regarding credit cards. The most common credit cards accepted universally are: -AMEX, Diners Club, Master Cards and Visa Cards and these are available in any bank in New Zealand. Comparing rates before deciding which credit card is suitable for you may give you an upper hand, due to the fact that all the banks in New Zealand are handing out credit cards to its customers

There are more than one type of credit cards available, knowing the difference between a credit card, a debit card and a prepaid credit card is important. Although they may enable one to purchase goods, the difference is where the funds come from.

Prepaid Credit cards

A prepaid credit card is one where the owner of the account is using funds that is already in his/her account, a credit card account holder is using money that is not in their account but will need to repay the monies spent on purchases made by using their credit card.

Compare Credit cards

To get the best out of having a credit card is to compare interest rates. There are some banks in New Zealand that offer low interest credit cards and reward cards. The most efficient way of comparing interest rates and all the vital information that you will need concerning which bank you should sign up with for a credit card or prepaid card, can be found on the website