Credit rating nz

Credit rating nz

Credit Ratings

Credit Rating is the estimation of the ability of an individual or corporation to meet its financial commitments on the given time (repaying on time). Credit rating NZ is determined by the credit rating agencies. 

Personal credit ratings are done in NZ as this gives a clear indication to the finance companies about the probability of defaulting when investing with those individuals. This also decides your credit limit and interest rate that will be charged.


Checking your credit ratings is not difficult and it is the easiest way to stay informed about your ratings. It is important for all to check their credit history so that there are no mistakes in the future and the finance companies do not refuse credit to you. 

For your credit reference you can ask any of the credit reference agencies or companies to send a copy to you and you can go through and check credit rating and try to improve on them.

The credit reference companies can do the credit check very quickly and give you the report within a few days. You can also subscribe to email alerts, to follow up on any changes that take place in your credit ratings.

To improve on your credit ratings there are certain things you can do about it:

  • Make sure all your bills are paid on time

  • Do not take one large debt but instead take out small loans

  • Keep track of your credit score

Credit ratings in nz

Credit ratings are done by rating agencies which determine the financial ability of an individual or a company. The higher the credit rating the lower the interest rate you and the company have to pay on the loan or credit you borrow.

Information that is stored on credit reports include:

Identification details( full name, gender, current address, previous address, date of birth, drivers license and employment details)

  • Criminal records

  • Race, ethnic origins

  • Lifestyle

  • Public record information

Best places to check credit ratings

Credit Rating Agency Ltd

Credit rating agency Ltd is a NZ company that is there to help you take control of your assets, credit checks and advice, credit account contracts and many more. They offer services such as; credit approval, credit management, credit reports, debt collection, debt management and risk management.

For more information visit the Credit rating agency Ltd website or call them on: Website:

Veda Advantage

Veda Advantage is a leading provider of credit related information in NZ. They can help you with information that will help you manage your credit reputation and credit worthiness. You can set up email alerts so that you are up to date on any changes that take place in your personal credit ratings; this will reduce the instances of id theft. Your credit profile is updated every time by credit providers when you apply for credit from them.
For more information about Veda Advantage services visit their website or contact them on:


Centrix is a NZ operated industry which specializes in providing credit risk management services and solutions to the people of New Zealand. They provide high quality credit risk data, this leads to better credit decisions that benefits both the credit providers and credit applicants.
For more information you can visit the Centrix website or contact them on:

Dun And Bradstreet

Dun and Bradstreet is the fastest way to get the picture of your credit profile in NZ. Achieving and maintaining a good credit health is very critical. You can take out your personal or business credit reports at D&B and only credit providers and you yourself can access the information. You can order your credit report any time with Dun and Bradstreet and take a look at the accuracy of your current credit ratings.  You can also get your credit report online with D&B fast track online service.

 So visit their website or contact them for more information about the services provided by D&B.



Credit ratings

Credit ratings play a vital role in every individual’s life. So don’t take it lightly. Try to maintain a good credit history so that no finance companies can reject your application for loan or credit. Keep updated about your credit ratings and try to improve on it to avoid hassles in the future.