Finance Companies

Finance companies nz

Finance Companies nz

Finding the best finance companies for your loan needs can be complex and time consuming. At loan nz we have sourced out some of the best finance companies with some of the best rates and service history. Loan nz will guide you in getting personal loans that you need while saving you time and money.

Finance rates nz

Through research and customer feedback loan nz has sourced out some of the best finance companies with some of the lowest personal loan rates. We have listed some of the best finance companies with interest rates. Have a look through the finance companies,compare rates and get the low interest personal loans.

Finance rates nz

Finance Rates nz

Basecorp FinancePersonal LoanSecured


Consumer FinancePersonal LoanSecured


Diners ClubPersonal LoanUnsecured


FAI MoneyPersonal Loan Secured


Finance Now Personal LoanSecured$100013.95


FinanceDirectPersonal Loan Secured$1,00015.95

Personal Loan Secured$8,00014.95

Personal Loan Secured$15,00013.95

Personal Loan Secured$25,00012.95


FinancepointPersonal LoanSecured

Personal LoanUnsecured

Personal LoanDebt Consolidation


Financial Holdings Personal LoanSecured$1,00019.75

Personal LoanSecured$5,000 17.75

Personal LoanSecured$10,000 15.95

Personal LoanUnsecured$1,00023.95

Personal LoanUnsecured$5,000 22.95


Future FinancePersonal LoanSecuredfrom16.25


GE Money Fixed LoanStandard$5,000, from19.40

Fixed LoanStandard$10,000, from17.50

Fixed LoanStandard$20,000, from14.25

Fixed LoanStandard$25,000, from12.60


NZ LoanPersonal LoanDebt ConsolidationFrom13.50

Personal LoanSecuredFrom13.50

Personal LoanUnsecuredFrom16.00


Note : These rates are subjected to change anytime. If you need a loan just check with the finance companies before yo get the loan. 

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