Franchise Finance Companies

Franchise Finance in New Zealand

Looking to buy your own franchise ? Want to know where and how to get a franchise business loans in NZ? Through research and customer feedback loan nz has sourced out some of the best franchise loan providers in New Zealand. We have also sourced out information that will help you with the application process. Save time and money

Requirements of Franchise Finance 

Bring your funding proposal which includes:

  • What funding you require and its purpose

  • Structural details of your business and how it operates

  • A statement of financial position

  • An outline of the security for the loan

  • Financials including profit & loss, plus cash flow accounts or projections, plus comments on related issues.


In addition you may need to bring:

  • Your company's opening Balance Sheet

  • A copy of your business lease _ Business sale and purchase documents

  • Valuation from a Registered Valuer of assets offered for security (i.e. property valuation)

  • Details and verification of other income sources (payslips, rental property leases)

  • Copies of life insurance policies.

Application Process For Franchise Finance

You will need to put together a formal financial proposal for franchise loanS and this varies for various lenders. One of the most basic requirement is :

What you need to borrow - provide full details of what funding is needed and how it is to be raised. The golden rule is to ask to borrow as little as possible, but enough that you don't need to apply for further funds for some time.

  • Your contribution

  • Security for the loan

  • How you will run the business

  • A brief resume – your business acumen

  • Tell the lender about your business

  • Your business reports – P & L statements, Projections, Cashflow

Franchise Business Loan Providers in New Zealand

ANZ Bank

ANZ assists in a full range of service which are customized and priced to reflect the value of the franchise that you want to finance. Assessments are made quicker by placing a value on the past performance on the franchise.

Franchise loan packages are tailor made to suit your franchisee’s need, and leading E-Commerce service for franchise business. There is also a full range of services which are customized and priced to reflect the value of the franchise.


As well as expert advice, they offer free handbook about franchising. It provides a step-by-step guide to help evaluate whether you are right for franchising, and whether the franchise you are considering is right for you.

At ASB they have experience working with both franchisees and franchisors and also know what makes a successful franchise tick and what potential franchisees should consider before they buy into a franchise business. 

·         Westpac

 Westpac is one of New Zealand’s most experienced franchise bank. They cater for existing franchise businesses or those looking to start a franchise. Their comprehensive information, support and banking franchise packages can help any new prospector and also give valuable information on how to go about getting one.