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Home loans nz

Home loans nz

At loan nz we have sourced out some of the best home loan providers in New Zealand. These companies have some of the best home loan rates and fees.

Home loans are loans/ finance that a person borrows from a financial company in order to buy a property or house. The finance borrowed is secured by a registered mortgage. The house acts as the security throughout the term of the loan. The lender holds the title of the house or the property until the loan amount is paid off in full with the interest. Once the loan is repaid to the lender the title of the property or the house will be given to the borrower. We have sourced out leading home loan companies in nz and listed it out. Check them out and see which one is the best for you.


AMP offers a wide range of plans for you to choose from. They are most flexible when it comes for home loans. AMP NZ offers a wide range of home loan options, you as a customer can choose between a variable rate, fixed rate, revolving credit or a combination loan. Most of the services provided by AMP are online; this makes it more convenient and fast.

For more information about AMP home loans you can visit their website or call them on:

Phone: 0800 808 267


Westpac NZ offers home loan services that will suit you and your budget well. They offer loans such as: choices everyday floating (revolving loan), choices floating, choices fixed and choices capped. You can combine different interest and repayment options that will protect you and save you money that will be charged under any circumstance change.

If you are interested in the services provided by Westpac NZ you can visit their website or phone them on:


Phone: 0800 400 600


ASB is a NZ bank that offers attractive loan options and competitive interest rates. They offer orbit, table, reducing and split facility home loans. ASB is a convenient way to arrange for a home loan.

If you would like to apply for a home loan you can call the friendly customer representatives or visit the ASB bank home loans website on:


Phone: 0800 100 600


Kiwibank offer home loans and repayment options that will suit you as a customer. They offer home loan for different purposes such as: buying new home, refinancing, building a new house, debt consolidation, bridging loans and many more. They offer fast and easier services. With Kiwibank NZ you can borrow up to 95% of the property value. Welcome Home Loan is for the first time home buyers, who make little or no deposit. Table loan, revolving and interest only home loans are available at Kiwibank. For further information about the services and the types of loan available you can visit the Kiwibank website or call them on:


Phone: 0800 11 33 55


Sovereign home loans is a non-bank home loan provider in NZ. With their Go Home loan service you can apply for a loan to buy a house for the first time, or build a new house, refinancing or you can also invest in properties. With their Go home loan service you can save money in interest and fees. You can save all your salary or income in to your go floating rate account this will lower your loan amount and also the interest. Visit sovereign website or contact them for information:


Phone: 0800 920 920

Buying a home in NZ is the dream of many people. To accomplish this dream the vital part is the acquisition of a home loan that will suit you. There are many different types of home loans available for you to choose from. So, if you are interested in applying for a home loan in NZ than be sure to evaluate the interest rate and the loan terms provided by different loan organizations and select the best loan option that suits you.