Instant Finance NZ

Instant Finance

Instant Finance is a company in NZ which provides personal loans to the public of NZ. They have been the provider of finance in New Zealand for 40 years. They provide personal loan from $200 - $20,000. Small amounts of NZ personal loan from Instant Finance does not require the borrower to provide any form of collateral or security, it is an unsecured form of loan.

Instant Finance Interest Rates

The interest rate for small amounts of personal loans in NZ is slightly higher than the secured loan. In a secured loan you can borrow a large amount of finance from Instant Finance by providing a security as a form of back-up. This security can be any asset like car or any property and due to this there will be a reduction in the interest rate charged. The approval of the loan is much more likely with a security.

Instant Finance Contact Details

For further details and information you can talk to one of the friendly customer service staff of Instant Finance on:

PHONE:  0800 760 000                    

You can email at:

For more information visit their website:

Instant Finance Review

"Got a personal loan from one of the Auckland branch, found it very simple, just provided personal details and filled out some forms. Got the money within an hour. Simple and fast."

Peter  * * * *

" One of the best finance companies to deal with, friendly staff and very helpful. will recommend to anyone looking for a loan with instant finance "   

James * * * *