Pay Day Loans

Pay day Loans nz

When an emergency arises just a few days before the pay day and you run out of cash then the perfect solution is to take out a payday loan. A Payday loan is small, short term loan that is due on the next pay day. There are other names for payday loans which include cash advances, payroll advances, deferred deposit loans, payday advance and paycheck advance. Pay day advance loans depends on the consumers payroll and employment records. To qualify for payday loans NZ you must be employed full time and have New Zealand residance.

Payday Companies

Today, there are many payday advance loans companies in New Zealand. Just to name some of the top companies which provide payday loans to the people of NZ, are

Payday Loans

Payday Loans NZ is a successful company which provides short term cash and personal loans in NZ. They offer easy cash loans from as little as $100 up to $1000 and the loans are unsecured. The application for the loan from the Payday Loan Company is entirely based online. This relieves the consumers from dealing with a lot of paperwork and gives them the convenience to apply for the loan anytime, from anywhere.Feel free to contact Payday Loan friendly customer service with any questions. You can call or email them on

Phone: 0800 327 822 or (09) 578 0060                    

Fax: (09) 578 0062



Cash Doctor

One of the innovative and groundbreaking payday loan providers in New Zealand is Cash Doctors. You can apply for pay day loans for emergencies or entertainment or anything. Whether you are a full time or part time employee you can apply for a payday loan from Cash Doctors. The application process is made on online for the convenience of the consumers. Cash Doctors have made it easier for people with bad credit ratings to apply for a fast payday loan as there are no credit checks done. They charge a flat rate of 26% of what you borrow and apart from that there are no other hidden charges or fees

For more information about Cash Doctors Payday Loans visit their website

 Pay Day Loan Requirements

  • Be employed (employed with same employer for 6 months or more)
  • Be receiving wages or salary in excess of $250 per week that is direct credited in your bank account
  • Be 18 years or above
  • Be a NZ resident or citizen