Personal loan Rates

personal loan rates nz

Personal Loan Rates 

When getting personal loans it is very important to get the lowest interest rates. This will save you lot of money when paying back your personal loan. Low interest loans can be sourced form banks or finance companies in nz. Through research and customer feedback we have sourced out interest rates from banks and finance companies. These are some of the best interest rates for personal loans in New Zealand.

Low interest Personal loans

When getting personal loans make sure you compare rates from one lender to another and see who offers the best rates. Banks usually offer lowest personal loans rates compared to finance companies but most of them are secured loans.If you need unsecured loans then Finance companies are the way to go So when getting a personal loan its good to check out bank rates and compare it with finance companies rates. At loan nz we have sourced out some of the best personal loan rates from banks and finance companies.

Personal loan Rates

Personal Loan Interest Rates

ANZDebt ConsolidationUnsecured

Personal LoanUnsecured$3,00018.75

Personal LoanUnsecured$10,000 16.95


BankDirectDebt ConsolidationUnsecured

Personal LoanSecured

Personal LoanUnsecured


KiwibankPersonal LoanUnsecuredfrom14.99


ASBPersonal LoanSecured

Personal LoanUnsecured

Debt ConsolidationUnsecured


National BankPersonal LoanUnsecured$3,00017.95

Personal LoanUnsecured$10,000 16.95




WestpacPersonal LoanUnsecuredNew clients, less $10K18.95

Personal LoanUnsecuredNew clients >$10K17.95

Personal LoanUnsecuredExisting clients17.95

Personal LoanSecuredfrom16.25


NZ LoanPersonal LoanDebt ConsolidationFrom13.50

Personal LoanSecuredFrom13.50

Personal LoanUnsecuredFrom16.00


Finance Now Personal LoanSecured$100013.95


GE Money Fixed LoanStandard$5,000, from19.40

Fixed LoanStandard$10,000, from17.50

Fixed LoanStandard$20,000, from14.25

Fixed LoanStandard$25,000, from12.60


FinancepointPersonal LoanSecured

Personal LoanUnsecured

Personal LoanDebt Consolidation


FinanceDirectPersonal Loan Secured$1,00015.95

Personal Loan Secured$8,00014.95

Personal Loan Secured$15,00013.95

Personal Loan Secured$25,00012.95
Future FinancePersonal LoanSecuredfrom16.25


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