Secured loans

secured loans nz

Secured loans nz

Looking for secured loans in New Zealand ? Wan to know what is secured loans and where to get the best secured loans in NZ ? Through research and customer feedback loan nz has sourced out some of the best information that will help you get a secured personal loan with best rates. We also have a list of best secured loan providers in nz. We will save you time and money

What is secured loans ?

Money that is borrowed from any financial or lending institution with collateral is called a secured loan. A secured loan can be taken out against the borrowers property or vehicle. In case of any late repayment or if the borrower files for bankruptcy, the bank or lenders has the authority to seize the property or vehicle to cover up for the money borrowed. Providing security means being able to borrow large amounts of money.  One of the best places to get a secured loan is from a pawn shop

Why is secured loans risky ?

Compared to unsecured loans, taking a secured personal loan is more risky because of the losses involved should there be any bankruptcy or late repayments. The borrower must always ensure that monthly repayments are paid on time and that there are no overdues

In New Zealand in order to be the successful applicant for a secured loan, you must: -be 18years and older, an income earner, either have a car or property to be able to secure the loan and proof of permanent residency or nationality in New Zealand.

Process of Getting Secured loans

The processes of getting a secured personal loan is quiet simple, however, a potential borrower cannot just go into any bank or lending institution and apply for a loan. Just like looking for a new house or car, the borrower will want to find out which loan repayment plan will best suit them and which financial institution offers the lowest interest rates.

Where to get Secured loans in NZ ?

With technology, applying for a secured personal loan in New Zealand has been made easier. For borrowers, provided they have the necessary documents ready, applying for a loan is just a click away.  Forget the long queues and the long wait for processing time, financial institutions have staff wholly dedicated to their website, to accept borrowers application online. Listed below are five(5) financial institutions in New Zealand that process applications online:

Secured loan Companies

Finance Point

Finance Point takes the hassle out of finding a personal loan by doing the work for you.

They will structure your personal loan to suit you and your needs. Their secured personal loan interest rate is often lower than many other forms of finance starting from 12.95%

website :

Advanti Finance

At Avanti Finance they prioritise  the customer, their experienced lending team will take the time to listen to your loan needs before offering the best possible finance solution. They offer flexible terms and reasonable rates.

website :

Asset Finance

Asset Finance specialises in easy personal loans of $400 to $40,000+ for terms up to 5 years.

Asset Finance works super fast and secured personal loans are often approved within an hour or two and usually on the same day.

Repayments on personal loans can start from as little as $30 per week or what the borrower can comfortably afford to pay when the borrower completes a personal loan application.

website :

Money Shop

Money Shop offers personal loans from $500 - $50,000. Money Shop offers the best service with the friendliest people you will find. Their whole lending process is designed with flexibility to allow the loan to fit the client. Their friendly staff will go out of their way to make sure a borrower gets the best service. 

website :

Loan Hub NZ

LoanHub is the place if you’re looking for a personal loan. Whether it’s new car, home improvements, new appliances or trip overseas, LoanHub brings finance professionals to you to help you make your dream come true.

website :

Secured loan tip :

These are just a few websites offering to help people with their online applications for a loan. Be sure to get only the best plan and one that is suitable for your budget. The one thing that a borrower must always keep in mind is to always be sure to pay off repayments on time.